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Meet The Owner Tracy Cummings

Tracy has always had an entrepreneurial soul. From a young age, she looked for ways to create income. Her first endeavor was a henna tattoo stand that she set up at the beach one summer after university. It quickly became a profiting little business and she found herself creating repeat customers. This sparked a fire in her that still burns hot today. Tracy brought this fire to the corporate world for nearly 10 years. She found success in big business, but somehow she just couldn’t quench her thirst for creativity and the building aspect that she loved so dearly. Tracy honed a new skill during this time becoming successful in web design. Doors kept opening up as web design lead to an online marketing business which then introduced her to direct sales. Here she found that she could use her creative building skills along with her tenacity to help people. Over the next 8 years she had found a home in direct sales. Here she was able to grow teams of sales reps and help thousands of people lead healthier lives through green living products.

Direct sales helped her learn that anything is possible, but even with hard work and success, sometimes your morals are more important. Tracy left a direct sales company because she just didn’t believe the products were safe. Many were shocked when she left, but quickly realized she was right. Next she found a company that did fit her ever growing love for “green and healthy living.” She once again shot to the top of this company in record time, proving once again, just how tenacious she is. She was so excited that she found a company that sold 100% toxic free products. But she just couldn’t keep that drive down. In the winter of 2012-13 she had a vision. What if she could start a business from the ground floor, where she cleaned neighborhood homes with 100% chemical free products? She knew it would be an uphill battle because there are already many successful cleaning companies. This one however would be different, she would offer a healthy green clean with no chemicals! Also she would make it classy, and only hire smiling, caring people, that also believed in her vision. In May of 2013 The Green Boutique was founded.

Currently Tracy lives in Mississauga with her beautiful young daughter. She has built the GreenBoutique.ca across Canada and the United States. She continues to strive to live a healthier green life and inspire others to do the same.

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