Best Essential Oils For The Winter Cold Season

Winter is such a wonderful time of the year.  Playful snowball fights, soothing cups of hot tea, romantic evenings in front of the fireplace…. the coughing, sneezing and sniffling of a bad cold….well, maybe it’s not always wonderful.  But there are ways to reduce your chances of a cold or a case of the flu ruining that winter vibe.

I love to use essential oils in our home for many reasons.  They are completely safe and chemical free, the aromatherapy supports your body instead of altering it, and of course, they smell absolutely wonderful and uplifting.

Here are some ways to make essential oils your winter allies.

essential oil diffuserDIFFUSING OILS

Did you know that many oils have strong antibacterial and antiviral abilities?

Oils of clove, citrus (orange, lemon or grapefruit), cinnamon, eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary are so powerful that they were used during the 1917 worldwide Influenza epidemic to prevent doctors and nurses from getting sick.

Diffusing a blend of these oils creates an antiviral veil in your home.  Breathing in their aromas will bring their qualities through your nose, mouth and lungs to protect you from any airborne germs and viruses you might inhale.

Also, the mist from the diffuser will settle on the surfaces in the room, effectively disinfecting them.  If you have a family member that has brought home an illness, this may prevent other family members from getting it.

Just place a drop or two of each type of oil in your diffuser, or you can have the blend ready to use by combining equal amounts of the oils in an empty essential oil bottle.

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spray bottle for cleaningHAND SANITIZER

When I am out in public and it seems like everyone around us is coughing and sneezing, I don’t take any chances. I  carry a tiny bottle of either lavender or clove oil or the oil blend mentioned above in my purse.  Shake a few drops into your palm and rub it around on your fingertips, then cup your hands over your nose and inhale the aroma deeply for instant sanitizing and protection from airborne germs.

Tea tree oil would also be a great choice for this use, but I don’t like the smell of it as much as I do the other oils. One that we recommend is from Clean Kiss Organics.


If that cold or flu has taken hold of you in spite of your best efforts, eucalyptus oil is a classic treatment for congestion.  You can put your diffuser in the bedroom overnight, or if you use a portable humidifier you can put a few drops of eucalyptus in the water so you can breathe in its healing scent.

Another way to use eucalyptus is to put a dollop of hand lotion in your palm, mix in several drops of the oil with your finger, and rub it onto your chest and throat to help clear congestion and you will be breathing the vapors for several hours afterward.  .

all natural cleanersCLEANING THE SICKROOM

When someone in your home has been ill, it is a good idea to clean their bedroom and bathroom well once they are feeling better.

Open up the windows for fresh air and sunshine, and wash the bedding and towels in hot water with some lavender essential oil added to the wash water.  Then spray and wipe all surfaces with your favorite homemade non-toxic cleaner with some tea tree, lavender, and/or clove oil added to it.  It is refreshing to the soul to return to a clean, fresh smelling room after you have been under the weather.

Stay safe, warm and healthy this winter season!

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PS. So tell us what are some ways that you keep colds at bay over the winter cold season? Leave us a comment below…




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