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Soap Nuts or Soap Berries are the common names for the ripened and dried fruit from the Sapindus tree. The reason they are referred to as soap nuts is because they contain saponins. The saponin found on the shell of the soap nut is a natural surfactant which allows the soap nuts to work like a detergent. The saponins from the soap nuts are released when the shells get wet.

Surfactants work by breaking the surface water tension so it can penetrate into the fabrics easier allowing the water to break up the dirt, grease and grime from fabrics. During the wash cycle the agitation shakes the dirt loose from the clothing. The saponin holds the dirt in suspension in the water which prevents it from being re-deposited on the clothing.

The soap nut species we sell is Sapindus Mukorossi because they consistently have the highest levels of saponins.

Our soap nuts are:

  • 100% Certified Organic (USDA & Eco-Cert Certified Organic )
  • 100% Natural, Safe & Hypoallergenic, Environmentally Friendly & 100% Fragrance Free
  • Protects your family from being exposed to toxins, carcinogens, skin irritants and endocrine disruptors
  • Chemical free and therefore leaves no chemical residue on clothing
  • Replaces laundry soap & fabric softener
  • Lowers the cost per load of laundry
  • Harvested and processed by hand
  • Safe for Delicate Fibers & Septic Systems
  • Multi-purpose can be used to make liquid household cleaners
  • Soap Nuts are low sudsing so they are perfect for high efficiency washing machines
  • Compostable

Directions For Use

You simply place 5 soap nuts in the cotton bag provided and place them in your washing machine; you do not add detergent or fabric as the soap nuts are also a natural fabric softener. The soap nuts go through the wash and rinse cycles. When removing your laundry from the washing machine you should set the bag of soap nuts to the side because if you do cold water washes you can use the same soap nuts for 4 more loads of laundry; if you do warm water washes you can use the same soap nuts for 3 more loads of laundry; and if you do hot water washes you can use the same soap nuts for 2 more loads of laundry.

One of the first things you will notice is the lack of lint in the lint tray of your dryer. The reason is because soap nuts do not contain chemicals which break down the fibers in your clothing, so clothing lasts longer. You will notice lint when you wash towels and sweaters as they both contain shorter fibers.

Make A Household Cleaner

Soap Nuts are also multi-purpose. You can made household cleaner. Place 20 soap nuts into 6 cups of boiling water, turn heat down and simmer for 45 minutes. Let cool. Lift soap nuts out and you have liquid soap nuts for all purpose cleaning.

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